Nutribombz Delivery!

I'm such a huge fan of Smart Syns. Smart syns means using your syns on things that are good for you. Yes, of course it's nice to eat chocolate for your syns, but the more I get into living a healthy lifestyle, the less frequently I want to do that.

Today I had a lovely delivery of NutriBombz. I have:

â?¢ Pecan Truffle - 5 syns each per truffle
â?¢ Summer Baobab - 4.5 syns each per truffle
â?¢ Banana - 4 syns each per truffle
â?¢ Salted Caramel - 3 syns each per truffle

They have no added sugars, no additives and no preservatives.

You can order them delivered straight to your door from