The Slimming Mama on Holiday

So as you may know I blogged my food choices through my 7 days all inclusive at Sandos San Blas, Tenerife.

On my holiday I gained 4lbs. I am proud to say it loud. I gained 4lbs! The reason I'm proud is because I worked hard on holiday for that gain. That might sound strange to say, but it's true! I owned that gain and I minimised it by being sensible. I'm a glass half full girl - I could have gained A LOT more than 4lbs if I hadn't carried on with my sensible choices.

I chose Speed and Protein foods at every meal time, I chose diet non alcoholic drinks with the occasional tipple, I had a dessert everyday from the selection available, and lastly I estimated my healthy extras from the wide variety of breads and cheeses.

One thing totally out of my control was the way the food was cooked. Every vegetable was cooked in oil, however I didn't let that prevent me making the right choices. I couldn't control the cooking, but I still have choice power. I still ate as true to my usual habits as possible.

I could have SO easily have let the mentality of 'it's not cooked how I want so what's the point' creep in, but I just carried on. I stayed in control of my choices.

Desserts were plentiful and I was determined to sensibly enjoy them. I had one per day, or several and had a bit of each. On the Wednesday I had a few too many desserts and made myself feel unwell, a reminder of how the old me over ate, which gave me a little insight into the oblivion I used to eat myself into.

Putting a holiday into perspective...

There are lots of naturally slim people who do not monitor their weight. When they go on holiday they probably have a gain, then lose it when they return with minimal fuss or worry. I try to be as close to 'normal' as possible. I am just like those naturally slim people, except I step on the scales once a week and I know when I'm up, so I can work to stop it creeping up further, as that is my tendency.

I've been back from holiday since Friday evening and I've been eating as normal since. I didn't have to get back into the swing, because I stayed in the swing of it! It was a seamless transition! And that right there is why I didn't become the old me for 7 days, I don't ever want to let the old habits come back even for a holiday!