Chilli & garlic King Prawns with Corgetti

For this recipe you need;

1 large corgette (or pre packed corgetti)
Pesto of your choice
King Prawns

Spray a pan with your preferred choice of spray oil. Spiralize your corgette into the pan and add plenty of chilli and garlic (I use frozen chopped for ease). Put on a medium heat.

Mean while place your king prawns in a smaller pan with chilli and garlic to your taste. Turn to the lowest heat. Allow the prawns to slowly turn pink, then turn over once. Keeping the heat low to stop the garlic burning. Be sure to not let them overcook.

Once your corgetti is cooked (you can cook it as little or as much as you like depending on if you want a crunch or soft corgetti - 5 mins is enough for me). Add in 10g / 1.5 syns of Salca Chilli Pesto. Stir through.

Serve the corgetti with the prawns on top and sprinkle with a tbsp of parmesan from your A choice.