Slimming World on Holiday

Right... earlier today SW posted on Facebook asking people for tips for holidays!

Most of the 'tips' were along the lines of 'enjoy yourself' and 'forget the diet', which is fine for some people, but there were not enough genuine supportive tips for my liking!

Sooo... As a Diamond Target Member (maintained 8 stone plus weight loss for over a year) I have some valuable tips that I'd like to share and that I used while on my all inclusive holiday back in May, which you can read about here!

Let's get down to some facts... Enjoying yourself isn't determined by how good or bad you eat. You do not enjoy yourself less by making the right choices. Don't let people make you think that enjoying yourself HAS to involve bad eating and NEVER let anyone make you think being healthy has to be turned off like a light switch - it doesn't!

Now I'm not saying you need to nurse a scrap of lettuce every meal time. I'm saying use the skills you've learned. Balance your protein with carbs and speed foods. God knows our holiday destinations are usually abundant with fresh speedy fruit and vegetables that are usually better than we grow at home.

Choose some cheese and some bread, again all readily available on holiday. In your mind tell yourself your body needs that calcium and fibre. It might not be perfect weights and measures, but you know how to fuel your own body.

You don't forget your principles because you step off a plane in a foreign country. Fundamentally you have the skills to create healthy meals from the food on offer to you. It may not be cooked the way you'd like, but you still have choice power.

Let's get on to syns - I'm not saying stare at the dessert selection imagining what the cake tastes like. Eat dessert. Be flexible. Choose what you want, but don't say to yourself 'sod it I'm on holiday' and gorge yourself. Eat like someone who can go for seconds if they fancy, not someone who is making the most of being 'off plan'.

As someone who has always struggled with food I feel that flicking that switch back to old habits is a dangerous game. I do not feel it necessary to bring that person out for 7 days, as I've vowed never to be her again!

Use the skills you've learned and be confident that nice food isn't always bad food. You've got this! You know exactly what you are doing and you can carry on Food Optimising if you want to 💪