Heinz Souper Fresh Taste Test

Today I made the Heinz Soup of the Day Fragrant Thai Carrot & Coconut from scratch to compare it to the pre made carton, which is a Healthy Extra B Choice for 200g on Slimming World, as part of the Heinz Souper Fresh Taste Test.

I set about buying all my ingredients which ended up costing me £3.68 (excluding some store cupboard items I already had).

I chopped and prepped all of my ingredients and followed the recipe provided by Heinz. In total it took me around 40 minutes to make my soup from scratch.

The first thing I notice about the soups is that they both taste and look fresh. There is very little difference between to two, in fact they are both as vibrant and fresh as each other so I had to be sure not to mix them up.

The second thing is convenience. Chopping, prepping, buying ingredients takes time and effort. It took me 40 mins to make my soup at home and I needed some kitchen tools that not everyone owns, like a blender for example.

The Heinz Soup of the Day is undoubtedly easier to prepare in the microwave and ideal for on the go lunches at work or if you are short of time at home.

Ingredients wise they BOTH are made with fresh ingredients and made to the exact same recipe. Both have no artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavours or sugar added.

Taste wise they are SO similar, in fact Heinz has the edge over my own home made because it has a little more of a kick to it. Mine is slightly more bland, so therefore Heinz tastes better (although I hate to admit it because obviously I'm an amazing cook!).

Cost wise they are very good value when I compare the amount it cost me to purchase the ingredients I needed to make the soup myself to the cost of the carton.

These soups can be found in the tinned soup aisle and in my opinion are just as fresh as those you'd find in the fridge.

All things considered I'd rate the soup 10/10 for convenience, cost, taste and time. Plus bonus points for being a Healthy Extra B!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Heinz. All words and images are my own.