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Chilli & garlic King Prawns with Corgetti

For this recipe you need; 1 large corgette (or pre packed corgetti) Pesto of your choice King Prawns Garlic Chilli Parmesan Spray a pan with your preferred choice of spray oil. Spiralize your corgette into the pan and add plenty of chilli and garlic (I use frozen chopped for ease). Put on a medium heat. Mean while place your king prawns in a smaller pan with chilli and garlic to your taste. Turn to the lowest heat. Allow the prawns to slowly turn pink, then turn over once. Keeping the heat low to stop the garlic burning. Be sure to not let them overcook. Once your corgetti is cooked (you can cook it as little or as much as you like depending on if you want a crunch or soft corgetti - 5 mins is enough for me). Add in 10g / 1.5 syns of Salca Chilli Pesto. Stir through. Serve the corgetti with the prawns on top and sprinkle with a tbsp of parmesan from your A choice. Enjoy!

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Post Grape Nuts

I've been having Grape Nuts for my breakfast for the last 2 days. I've been looking to alternate my B choices since hitting target, so I'm pleased to have found these. They can be found in the cereal aisle of your supermarket. A B choice of Grape Nuts is 35g. I serve mine with Arla Protein and Speed fruit such as Raspberries or Strawberries.

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Extra Easy SP Overnight Oats

For this I used... 35g Porridge Oats (B Choice) Half a tub of Arla Protein (0.5 syn) 100g raspberries I used a glass Kilner Jar which I bought from The Range. I layered the oats, yogurt, and berries. In all I had around 6 layers from the ingredients. I only used half a tub of Arla Protein, as I find it very filling. A whole tub would be too much for me. You can also add raisins. Raisins are 2 syns for a 14g box. I've added half a box of raisins at 1 syn to my oats I've made for tomorrow. You can be as inventive as you like with your ingredients.

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Beanies Coffee Stash Box

I received my Beanies Coffee Stash Box today and I couldn't wait to show you all! As soon as I opened the box the smell was amazing. I want to try all the flavours right now! In the box I have; Cinder Toffee Nutty Hazelnut Irish Cream Amaretto Almond Very Vanilla Ginger Bread Chocolate Orange Double Chocolate Mint Chocolate They are all only 2 calories a cup, so totally syn free. You can order your own box direct from Beanies here and individual jars can be bought from Sainsburys Stores. They are also on Facebook and instagram @beaniescoffee. The Stash Box is such good value if you love your coffee like me and want to try all the flavours! Now off to sit down with a nice cup of something chocolatey....

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EESP Food Diary for Week 26

I don't often write a Food Diary, but I am doing one this week instead of my meal plan so people can see what I eat all day long. It's a very basic list of speed and protein foods that make up my meals, it doesn't appear to be a lot, but of course when put together into meals they are filling and substantial. Day 1: B. Apple and HifiL. Ham, eggs, ryvita, cheese, pickles, tomatoes.D. Steak fajita Day 2:B. Apple and hifiL. Prawn salad, pickles, ryvita, cheese. D. Tandoori spice Lamb. Day 3:B. Apple and hifiL. Ham, eggs, ryvita, cheese, pickles, tomatoes.D. Burger in a bowl.Day 4: B. Apple and hifiL. Ham, pickles, tomato, ryvita, cheese.D. Beef stew and swede & carrot mashDay 5: B. Apple and hifiL. Chicken salad, pickles, cheese, ryvita. D. Fish and Roasted Vegetables. Day 6: B. Apple and hifiL. Prawn salad, ryvita, cheese, pickles.D. Roasted vegetable fritata. Day 7:B. Apple and 2 hifiL. Harvester platter (chicken, salad, gammon, sauce)D. Light meal of ham and pickles.

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Harvester Lunch

Today I went to Harvester for my little person's 1st Birthday. I ordered the Chargrilled Chicken Skewer, I asked for no chips and a grilled pepper. They were more than accommodating when I told them I didn't want the carbs. I got myself a large salad bowl from the Salad Bar, which I added to my plate when it came out. Don't be afraid to ask for an alternative if the item on the menu isn't quite what you want. Choose grilled meats. Avoid the coated or deep fried foods which have countless syns, check the menu for the calorie value of sauces to get an idea on the syns using an estimate or 20 cals = 1 syn, lastly fill up on the speed foods at the salad bar.If you are following Extra Easy you can choose the jacket potato or rice with your meal. Harvester is my fave place to go at the moment. Not only is it Slimming World friendly, but I can choose what salad I like and their chicken is amazing.

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