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My latest Lush stash!

My husband got me some surprise Lush goodies today. I do love a surprise, but half the fun with Lush is going to the store. The smell. The goodies on display. I just love it and I could spend hours in there. I'll be doing a lush trip next week to make up for it! In my bag of goodies today I got; Dragons Egg - super colourful one! Big Blue - never tried it, but it smells lovely. Granny takes a dip - I've never tried this one either. I'm ashamed to say that as I've heard good things. Probably going to be the first one I try out! Butterball - another new one for me. I'm hoping it is like the description. Buttery and soft. Blackberry - leaves the water a lovely deep blue and smells gorge. The Comforter - one of my absolute faves from Lush, defo at the top of my list. Sakura - this one is so colourful and crackles while it melts, then it disappears to leave the water crystal clear. Another fave of mine. Lastly I got some samples; Raining men, Happy hippy, dirty, flying fox.

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Lush Hello Gorgeous Gift Box

My husband came home with Hello Gorgeous for me this evening! The box is beautiful! Beautifully wrapped with a ribbon and gift tag with the contents listed, plus space to write who it's from. Inside the box is: Sakura bath bomb which for me is my fave one of the range. It captures perfectly the smell of a Lush store. Once in the bath it fizzes away and leaves a colourful pattern as it melts. The Comforter which is exactly that. Home comforts. A beautiful homely scent of blackcurrent, cassis, and bergamot. It makes your bath a bright beautiful pink and very bubbly. The rest are all new products for me - yet to be reviewed by me. Rub Rub Rub mineral rich body scrub. Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion. And lastly... Gorgeous moisturiser sample size which is going straight into my handbag. I think the products in this box are a great selection of Lush products for the regular Lush user and equally perfect for introducing a friend to Lush. It retails at £22.95, so a good mid range price product. Great for gifting. I'm in love with mine!

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