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Meal Plan for The Week Ahead

Monday - Fish and Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables Tuesday - Roasted Vegetable Fritata Wednesday - Burger in a Bowl Thursday - Out for Dinner (On Plan) Friday - Tandoori Lamb with Roasted Red Onions Saturday - Steak with roasted portobello mushrooms and tomato. Sunday - Steak Fajita Lunch - Salad with Tikka Chicken Breakfast - Apple and Hifi Bar Shopping List: Lamb Red onions Tandoori spice 5 % fat mince Lettuce White onions Gherkin slices Steak Portobello mushrooms Tomatoes 6 peppers Birdseye Inspirations Lemon and Thyme Fish Fillets Eggs Frozen diced peppers Sliced red onions Cooked tikka chicken Pickled onions Beetroot Salad bag Cherry tomatoes Cucumber Coriander Apples Hifi bars (from group)

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EESP Food Diary for Week 26

I don't often write a Food Diary, but I am doing one this week instead of my meal plan so people can see what I eat all day long. It's a very basic list of speed and protein foods that make up my meals, it doesn't appear to be a lot, but of course when put together into meals they are filling and substantial. Day 1: B. Apple and HifiL. Ham, eggs, ryvita, cheese, pickles, tomatoes.D. Steak fajita Day 2:B. Apple and hifiL. Prawn salad, pickles, ryvita, cheese. D. Tandoori spice Lamb. Day 3:B. Apple and hifiL. Ham, eggs, ryvita, cheese, pickles, tomatoes.D. Burger in a bowl.Day 4: B. Apple and hifiL. Ham, pickles, tomato, ryvita, cheese.D. Beef stew and swede & carrot mashDay 5: B. Apple and hifiL. Chicken salad, pickles, cheese, ryvita. D. Fish and Roasted Vegetables. Day 6: B. Apple and hifiL. Prawn salad, ryvita, cheese, pickles.D. Roasted vegetable fritata. Day 7:B. Apple and 2 hifiL. Harvester platter (chicken, salad, gammon, sauce)D. Light meal of ham and pickles.

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How to have a Slimming World BBQ

For Fathers Day tomorrow I am hosting a BBQ for my husband and father in law. The only person following plan will be me, so I have planned carefully to ensure there are enough options for me, while offering some non Slimming World options for other people. In theory no one should notice that I'm having a virtually syn free BBQ lunch. I picked up some of the new Slimming World BBQ range today at Iceland. They were fully stocked with the full range so i used my vouchers we received in group to get a pack of each item in the BBQ range. Here's my plan... Meat: Slimming World Beef Burger Slimming World Thai Chicken Burger Slimming World Mediterranean Chicken Sausages Salad: Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles (beetroot, picked onions, gherkins). Cooked diced white onions. Healthy extras: 4 x Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese triangles 2 x Ryvita Dark Rye Syns: 50g Asda Smart Price Coleslaw (1 syn)

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Week 24 Meal Plan and Shopping List

Monday : Fish and Roasted Vegetables Tuesday : Roasted Vegetable Fritata Wednesday : Chicken and Salad (Harvester Takeaway) Thursday : Burger in a Bowl Friday : Beef Stew with Swede and Carrot mash Saturday : Tandoori Lamb Sunday : Steak or chicken Fajita Shopping List: Youngs Gastro Cod Loin Salad bag Sliced onions Chopped onions Peppers Red onions Cherry tomatoes Fajita spice Lamb Steak Chicken Prawns Cooked chicken 5 % mince Eggs Tandoori spice mix Frozen sliced peppers Swede and carrot mash Fajita spice mix Fat free yogurt Ryvita Hifi bars Apples Pickled onions Cheese Almond milk Written while at the beach (Southend on Sea)

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Week 23 Meal Plan and Shopping List

Monday: Fish & Roashed Vegetables Tuesday: Vegetable Fritata Wednesday: Tandoori Lamb Thursday: Chicken Fajita in a Bowl Friday: Steak and Stuffed Peppers Saturday: Burger in a Bowl Sunday: Beef Stew with Aunt Bessie swede and carrot mash. Shopping List : Mixed peppers Red onions Shredded lettuce Cherry tomatoes Beansprouts Mushrooms Eggs Fish Lamb Chicken Steak 5% mince Diced beef Cheese Aunt Bessie swede and carrot mash Frozen diced onions Ryvita Hifi bars Tandoori spice Pickled onions Salsa Prawns Ham Lettuce Beetroot Apples

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Week 22 Meal Plan and Shopping List

Monday: Fish and Roasted Vegetables Tuesday: Roasted Vegetable Fritata Wednesday: Tandoori Lamb Thursday: Burger in a Bowl Friday: Chicken Fajitas Saturday: Steak and Roasted onion rings Sunday: Slow Cooker Beef Stew Sliced red onions Chopped onions Shredded lettuce Romaine Lettuce Red peppers Onions Apples Cherry tomatoes Salad bag Lamb 5% mince Chicken Diced beef Fish 2 steaks Prawns Fat free yogurt Ham Swede and carrot mash Sliced peppers Tandoori spice Fajita spice Pickled onions Alpen light

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