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My Journey into Learning Spanish!

On our last holiday to the beautiful Canarian Island of Tenerife, we viewed and seriously considered buying a holiday home there. We are in the process of making that possible, so this led me to start thinking about learning Spanish. 

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Slimming World on Holiday

Right... earlier today SW posted on Facebook asking people for tips for holidays! Most of the 'tips' were along the lines of 'enjoy yourself' and 'forget the diet', which is fine for some people, but there were not enough genuine supportive tips for my liking! Sooo... As a Diamond Target Member (maintained 8 stone plus weight loss for over a year) I have some valuable tips that I'd like to share and that I used while on my all inclusive holiday back in May, which you can read about here! Let's get down to some facts... Enjoying yourself isn't determined by how good or bad you eat. You do not enjoy yourself less by making the right choices. Don't let people make you think that enjoying yourself HAS to involve bad eating and NEVER let anyone make you think being healthy has to be turned off like a light switch - it doesn't! Now I'm not saying you need to nurse a scrap of lettuce every meal time. I'm saying use the skills you've learned. Balance your protein with carbs and speed foods. God knows our holiday destinations are usually abundant with fresh speedy fruit and vegetables that are usually better than we...

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The Slimming Mama on Holiday

So as you may know I blogged my food choices through my 7 days all inclusive at Sandos San Blas, Tenerife. On my holiday I gained 4lbs. I am proud to say it loud. I gained 4lbs! The reason I'm proud is because I worked hard on holiday for that gain. That might sound strange to say, but it's true! I owned that gain and I minimised it by being sensible. I'm a glass half full girl - I could have gained A LOT more than 4lbs if I hadn't carried on with my sensible choices. I chose Speed and Protein foods at every meal time, I chose diet non alcoholic drinks with the occasional tipple, I had a dessert everyday from the selection available, and lastly I estimated my healthy extras from the wide variety of breads and cheeses. One thing totally out of my control was the way the food was cooked. Every vegetable was cooked in oil, however I didn't let that prevent me making the right choices. I couldn't control the cooking, but I still have choice power. I still ate as true to my usual habits as possible. I could have SO easily have let the mentality...

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Littles Coffee

I recently got the chance to try out Littles Coffee. I love it!  It has no sugar, 4 cals a cup, natural flavours, no syns! It's all infused in the UK and they are a family run company. The natural flavours really make this coffee stand out for me, as some who is increasingly looking to keep my diet as natural as possible.  Here I have Chocolate Caramel, Café Amaretto, Rich Hazelnut, Chocolate Orange, Swiss Chocolate, and French Vanilla.  This coffee available in Waitrose, Holland & Barratt, and also on their website I love them! They are very lovely flavours and definitely perk up a morning coffee! A very lovely product for a lovely little company!

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"You can't eat that, you are on a diet"

The most common statement I hear. Eating in public can be a challenge for many people, even more so now I'm at target. When you are overweight you feel people are looking at what you are eating because you are large, you automatically assume they are judging you, but of course because you are overweight no one will say anything to you because it's not the done thing to do! Once you have lost your weight, what you eat is everyone's business. Once you have lost weight it's then OK for people to pass comment. "You can't eat that, you are on a diet" as you start to eat your dessert. That's it. Diet blown. 9 stone weight loss, and I've eaten a dessert, so all is lost. Does that sound logical? No. Why? Because it's NORMAL to eat dessert. Slim people eat dessert. How? Because the lifestyle (note - use of the word lifestyle) we follow is healthy, so we have created balance to allow for the occasional treat to be had, and after this treat is eaten we then break the cycle we were once in many years ago by carrying on with our healthy lifestyle. If you see me...

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Mangetout in Southend

I had dinner at Mangetout in Southend last night. It's the first time I've been, but I'd heard good things about them. They are quite hard to get booked into at short notice, but book in advance and you'll be fine. The easiest way to book is online as I'm yet to get through on the phone. Of course they do lots of off plan meals (burgers, ribs etc) but I chose on plan and I didn't feel deprived at all. I went for the Mangetout salad, with steak for my protein. I added on grilled halloumi to use as an A (it's sightly more than 1 A portion but I won't fuss about that in a restaurant). Aside from allowing for perhaps some oil on the grill, it's very healthy and very fuss free for eating on plan. There is nothing like being able to make a healthy choice without making a show of yourself!

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