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Slimming World vs Cambridge Diet (Very Low Calorie Diet)

I decided I would write this review of both Weight Management Plans, because I have followed both and been successful at both. Firstly, I'll explain why I did Cambridge Diet in 2011. I had recently moved out of my parents house into my own property. Cooking and eating for one was hard. Often it would be easier to get a take away or an unhealthy ready meal. I had heard someone I knew was successful on it so I thought I'd try it. I went into it with a huge amount of motivation, which meant I stuck to the 3 shakes a day very easily. I was having 454 calories a day; a shake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I had company I'd eat some chicken so i didnt appear to be unsociable. In 12 weeks I had lost just short of 3 stone. The compliments were rolling in. Behind my new sleek look I had a problem to tackle. I had to transition onto food slowly. This was where I failed. I went back to eating 'normally' and gained my weight back VERY quickly. I also gained some additional weight on top of the weight I had lost...

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Slimming World Microwave Meals Range

Braised steak in a red onion gravy with carrot & swede crush Mouth-watering chunks of tender beef in a deliciously rich red onion gravy with carrot and swede crush Chicken pizzaiola A tender butterflied chicken breast topped with a rich tomato sauce and whole cherry tomatoes Chicken tikka masala Tender chunks of chicken breast in a tantalisingly spicy onion and red pepper tikka sauce Hot-smoked salmon farfalle Succulent flakes of kiln-smoked salmon with farfalle pasta, peas and broccoli, in a rich tomato sauce Meatballs in spicy sauce Pork and beef meatballs with penne and roasted cherry tomatoes in a spicy tomato sauce Roasted vegetable pasta (vegetarian) Twirls of spirali pasta with courgettes and red peppers and whole cherry tomatoes in a rich tomato sauce with a touch of basil Singapore noodles A delicious medley of noodles, tender chicken, juicy prawns and vegetables in a spicy oriental sauce Sweet potato curry (vegetarian) Succulent chunks of sweet potato with red peppers and spinach in a fragrant curry sauce Syn-free meatballs (in bags) Moreish beef and pork meatballs made with a mouth-watering mix of herbs and spices Syn-free pork sausages (in bags) Succulent pork sausages made with a delicious blend of herbs and spices Key facts: All meals will be syn free. Price is expected to be £3. Exclusively available in Iceland....

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The New Slimming World EESP Plan

Well it's that time of the year again. Slimming World Release their new pack and with it an updated plan. The new plan is streamlined. No more Red or Green Days. Instead we have EESP and EE. EE is as it used to be, although you'll find some syn values have increased and some items are no longer free than once were. EESP is entirely new. The basics of EESP are that you must only have Speed Foods (which replace what used to be Superfree) and you can only have Protein Foods. Your plate must consist of 50/50 S and P foods. If you have a look at my EESP food diary you'll see what I've been eating on EESP. When following EESP you can use your syns as usual, but you cannot have free foods, unless it has the S or P symbol in the book. It took a few days of getting used to, but now I'm used to the plan I really enjoy it. It has been suggested that following SP will boost your weight loss. I have followed SP for 10 weeks now (updated 11th March 2015) and I have lost 2 stone 8.5lbs. I have had a speedy weight loss....

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