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Slim for Summer Wardrobe

I have started to top up my summer wardrobe. This is my 1st full Summer at my target weight, so I'm super excited about buying all my summer essentials. I got the jacket and the skinny jeans from Primark. The shoes are both from New Look. The bikini and playsuit are both from Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams. The playsuit was reduced to from £30 to £9 in the sale.

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What I'm giving up for Lent

So... I've thought long and hard about this. I'm not overly religious, but I was in Church last Sunday as they held a mass in memory of my mum. The vicar mentioned that Lent was coming up and it got me thinking. What can I live without? It can't be something easy, as it would be pointless. It's meant to be something you have on a regular basis so that you are making a genuine sacrifice. I'm going to attempt to give up chocolate for Lent. There. I said it. I'm highly likely to regret that tomorrow. However, it's not like I need it! I'm going to define what I mean by 'chocolate', as I want to make this clear. I will not eat chocolate in the form of bars, buttons, chocolate eggs. So basically no commercial choccy treats. I will, however, bake with Cacao powder in its raw form. It is the sugar and milk combined chocolate bar that I will be giving up. It will be a huge step for me as I do like my chocolate. I've give it up for a couple of weeks before and managed fine, so I'm sure I can do it...

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Reducing my Sugar Intake

Over time I've gradually reduced my sugar intake without really realising I had done it. It happened totally naturally. I make all my food from scratch using only fresh ingredients. A lot of what I eat would be deemed as 'clean eating'. I didn't set out to eat clean, but those are the choices I naturally started to make and that's where I settled as a target member. I've battled with sugar cravings for a while. Probably since Christmas when generally most of us over do it on chocolate and festive treats. I always thought cravings came from Chocolate. That the Cacao itself was what I was addicted to, but actually it's not, it's the sugar. Sugar IS addictive. There are many articles to read online about the impact of sugar on our bodies. I've briefly done some research and I also enjoyed watching Sugar Free Farm. It has made me realise that, apart from my occasional chocolate bar, I'm well within the daily recommended intake of 30g of sugar a day. I have 12.8g of sugar on a normal day (before adding on a treat). I decided to consider if reducing my sugar intake was the key to kicking my...

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Coping with Heartbreak and Bereavement

Yesterday I said my final goodbye to my beautiful mummy. It's been 2 and a half weeks since we lost her on 19th December. I spent 3 long days at her side, staying a further day after she'd gone to just be with her to say goodbye. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. My mum was my best friend, my go to for gossip and a girly chat. She was so loving and kind, she supported me through everything. She was a doting Grandma to my little boy. She was my creator. She brought me into the world and raised me to be the woman I am today. She was the centre of my universe until that time came that she had to give me that little nudge into independence. She gracefully accepted every step of the way as I began to need her in different ways, and she became Grandma when I had my little boy in 2014. It was only when I had my little boy that I fully appreciated how much a mother loves their child, so I then knew how much my mum loves me. I learned the true meaning of...

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Slimming World Christmas Planning

It's November, so that means we can talk Christmas, as it's officially next month! My social calendar is filling up for December and I need to plan wisely to ensure that I successfully food optimise around my festive plans. Here's how my diary currently looks, including all the things I will need to allow extra syns for. Currently I have something planned for every week in December, so it will take some careful planning in between events to maintain my weight. • 4th December - Zumba Christmas Party I'll be meeting team girls after the meal, so I won't need to use any syns. • 5th December - Slimming World Christmas Party - 3 course meal. For this I will use flexi syns so I can enjoy the dessert I've chosen. My starter and main have been chosen carefully, but as with any restaurant cooked meal, there will be syns. • 8th December - Theatre in London and Dinner. I am going to attempt to use no syns here by opting for an on plan (or very low syn) meal because it's the second event of this week. We have chosen to eat at Nando's to keep it on plan. • 12th December - Christmas...

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No Chocolate Challenge

Today is day 8 of my #nochocolatechallenge. I started this challenge for a couple of reasons. I love chocolate. What's not to like? It's so yummy. It makes you feel good and it's all round one of the tastiest things ever! So... I stopped eating chocolate because I felt controlled by it. That's stupid, right? But it's true. I have issues with eating too much food. That's why I got overweight in the first place. One of the things that helped get me overweight was excessive eating of chocolate. I've always successfully controlled my intake throughout my whole Slimming World journey, but the problem is that once I eat it I want more, then I subsequently have to use my willpower to the max to stop myself eating more. Having willpower is great, but using it requires energy. Not of the physical kind, but of the mental kind. It's taxing when you are thinking about wanting bad things then putting yourself back in check. So I thought 'why give myself extra work?'. So I quit chocolate. Just like that! Packed up all my stash into a suitcase (yep that's how big my stash is) and put it upstairs. The last...

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