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My target dilemma...

I'm part way in to Week 8 at target, well sort of at target, I'm 8lbs below. I said I'd allow myself time to get used to being this weight to decide if I'm happy here or if I'd be happier lower or even higher. It's about getting used to where I am to see if I like what I see and feel like here. I know how I felt at the higher weight and to be honest I'm quite sure I don't want to go back up intentionally. A few lbs made a huge difference to how I felt about myself. The unknown is if I'll be happy any lower. I'm not an unhealthy BMI. I'm currently 23.5, so I have room for movement on my weight without being at risk. The problem is that everyone has an opinion on my new weight and none of them are supportive of any more losses. Everyone seems to think that because I'm perfect in their eyes, that I should also feel the same way. I didn't start my journey and come all this way to do it half heartedly. It's like painting a mural, and then getting to the end and...

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My Muscle Foods Order

I have recently started using meat from Muscle Foods. They specifically sell lean meat in vaccum sealed packs and deliver straight to your door. They also stock some great Nut Butters! In my order I got Lean Mince, Chicken Breast, Lean Bacon, Lean sausages, Protein Pizza, Sweet Potato Wedges and 2 Nut Butters. Not only is it delivered to your door, it is also very good value for money compared to supermarket prices. If you want to place an order or check out their website you can find them here.

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Slimming World Eating at Nandos

Last night I went to Nandos with the girls. Their menu is very surprisingly Slimming World Friendly and Slimming World list syn values on their app for most menu items. I went for Butterfly Chicken Breast which is 2 breasts with the skin on. I chose Plain, but regardless of the marinade you choose it is still the same syns. I removed the skin, but I still counted the 3 syns it says on the Slimming World app. I'd say having researched the menu and syns that Butterfly Chicken is the best option to go for. I chose a salad and corn on the cob as my 2 sides. Counting the corn as syn free because I didn't put the butter on. The butter comes separate and sealed so you can make that choice, which is great. My friend chose the same as me, but she had the regular rice which is 2.5 syns. A good tip that was offered to me is to take your Healthy Extra B pitta with you and add it to your meal to save on syns. I'm sure no one would notice if you were discreet enough and if you were spotted then you could...

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Slimming World Graze Light Box

I love getting a Graze box delivery! I love even more that Graze now do a light box which means all snacks in that box are under 150 calories. In my lovely light box this week I got a Raspberry Bakewell Cake with a Raspberry compote. This one can be served hot! Amazing!  There is a Peach Passion fruit Cheesecake mix with white chocolate, sponge drops, and coconut.  My Thai soy bites with sweet chilli sauce.  And lastly Sweet & Salty Kern Drops (popcorn kernals).  Always check the Slimming World app and tools on the website to work out the syns for yourself to protect your own weight loss. You can order your own Graze Light Box here at

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Muscle Foods Nut Butters

I received my first Muscle Foods order yesterday and couldn't wait to share these with you. Nut butters are so popular these days as they are very good for you, but often they are high in calories, so therefore high in syns. The Prutella has the taste of Nutella, but half the calories. Perfect if you want a Nutella fix, great for spreading, to add to porridge, or even added to quark. The Coconut Peanut is a Peanut Butter made with coconut oil. It has a lovely coconut taste to it and could be used the same way as the Prutella. You can get yours here. Muscle Foods also sell lean meat delivered direct to your door. I have a few recipes to follow using these nut butters.

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