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Heinz Souper Fresh Taste Test

Today I made the Heinz Soup of the Day Fragrant Thai Carrot & Coconut from scratch to compare it to the pre made carton, which is a Healthy Extra B Choice for 200g on Slimming World, as part of the Heinz Souper Fresh Taste Test.

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New Goodlife Meals

I'm a huge fan of Goodlife products! Their French Bean & Spinach Sausages and Picador Parsnip & Sweet Carrot Nut Burgers feature heavily in my meal plan - I always have them in my freezer. When I heard about the new ready meals I couldn't wait to give them a try! I like to have regular meat free meals and being low in Syns too makes them the perfect freezer meal to have to hand.

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My Muscle Foods Order

I have recently started using meat from Muscle Foods. They specifically sell lean meat in vaccum sealed packs and deliver straight to your door. They also stock some great Nut Butters! In my order I got Lean Mince, Chicken Breast, Lean Bacon, Lean sausages, Protein Pizza, Sweet Potato Wedges and 2 Nut Butters. Not only is it delivered to your door, it is also very good value for money compared to supermarket prices. If you want to place an order or check out their website you can find them here.

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Muscle Foods Nut Butters

I received my first Muscle Foods order yesterday and couldn't wait to share these with you. Nut butters are so popular these days as they are very good for you, but often they are high in calories, so therefore high in syns. The Prutella has the taste of Nutella, but half the calories. Perfect if you want a Nutella fix, great for spreading, to add to porridge, or even added to quark. The Coconut Peanut is a Peanut Butter made with coconut oil. It has a lovely coconut taste to it and could be used the same way as the Prutella. You can get yours here. Muscle Foods also sell lean meat delivered direct to your door. I have a few recipes to follow using these nut butters.

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Beanies Coffee Stash Box

I received my Beanies Coffee Stash Box today and I couldn't wait to show you all! As soon as I opened the box the smell was amazing. I want to try all the flavours right now! In the box I have; Cinder Toffee Nutty Hazelnut Irish Cream Amaretto Almond Very Vanilla Ginger Bread Chocolate Orange Double Chocolate Mint Chocolate They are all only 2 calories a cup, so totally syn free. You can order your own box direct from Beanies here and individual jars can be bought from Sainsburys Stores. They are also on Facebook and instagram @beaniescoffee. The Stash Box is such good value if you love your coffee like me and want to try all the flavours! Now off to sit down with a nice cup of something chocolatey....

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New Choc Orange Hifi Bars

The new Hifi Bars landed in group today and OMG they are amazing! In my opinion they taste just like Terry's Chocolate Orange. I got 3 boxes for myself!

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