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2 Syn Apricot Syrup Sponge Pudding

This is another 'clean' recipe using fruit for B choice and to add natural sweetness. A slight variation on my brownie recipe I posted a few days back. For this I used: B choice Whitworths Dried Apricots*1 tsp vanilla essence  1 egg 2 tsp of Sweet Freedom light syrup (1 syn) *check your brand of Dried Apricots against the app or SW website to ensure you use the correct amount. In a blender place your apricots. Mix for around 1 to 2 minutes until you get a very smooth texture. Remove the apricots from the blender and place in a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of water to make a smooth paste, then add a couple of drops of vanilla and a tsp of Sweet Freedom Syrup. Meanwhile separate an egg. Place the yolk into your apricots and set aside the whites. Stir the yolk into your apricot until well mixed. Whisk your egg white to soft peaks, then add the apricot into the whisked whites bit by bit, folding carefully so you don't stir the air out of your whites. Once fully combined pour your mix into a microwavable bowl and cover with cling film. Microwave for 2 minutes. You should be able to...

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Slimming World Homemade Granola Bar (2 syns plus 1 B choice)

For this I used: 30g of Special K Granola (B Choice or 5.5 syns) 3 tsp of Sweet Freedom Syrup (2 syns) Weigh out the correct amount of granola into a bowl. Using the end of a rolling pin crush the Granola clusters into smaller pieces, this will allow you to better mix and coat all the piece in syrup. Put the bowl onto scales, set to zero, and add the syrup directly on top of your granola by weighing 3 x 4.6g (a teaspoon). This is easier and less sticky than using an actual spoon. Stir the Granola until it is fully coated in syrup. Spray some baking paper with fry light and pour on your mix. Shape into a bar and bake in the oven for 8 minutes at 180° fan. Remove from the oven. At this stage it will be very sticky. Fold the baking paper around your bar to shape it while it's warm and cool quickly in the freezer. After 10 minutes in the freezer unwrap and enjoy with some Speedy fruit and some fat free yogurt if you fancy.

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4 Syn Slimming World Banoffee Pie

For this I used: 250g tub of Quark (1/2 the tub) Sweet Freedom Syrup (2 tsp for 1 syn) 17g Grapenuts (half B choice) 1 Options Hot Chocolate (2 syns) 12.5g spray of light spray cream (1 syn) 1 tsp sweetner 1 banana In a bowl mix the grapenuts with 2 tsp of Sweet Freedom syrup. Now mix half the tub of quark with your hot chocolate powder and 1 tsp of sweetner. Place mix into a piping bag and set aside. Place the sweetended grapenuts into the bottom of your serving dish, then pipe your quark on top. Don't worry if you don't have piping skills. Just pipe away until all the mix is used up. Now slice half a banana and place the slices on top of your dessert. To top with the correct amount of spray cream place your dessert on the scales and re set the weight to zero. Spray the cream over the top until the scales say 12.5g and you'll have the perfect amount. You can add a sprinkle of your fave chocolate or reserve a little of the hot chocolate to sprinkle on top... then serve! 4 syns! And wow it is amazing... Enjoy! ...

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Slimming World Oat Pancakes using Sweet Freedom Syrup

This is the first time I've tried making these and they are amazing! I used: 35g porridge oats 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 tsp Sweet Freedom Syrup 2 tbsp fat free natural yogurt I mixed the eggs, syrup, yogurt, and vanilla together in a bowl. I then added the oats and mixed them in. To cook them I used a single egg pan which are available at most supermarkets. It allows you to create the perfect size pancake without the mix running all over a large pan. I sprayed the pan with frylight and poured in half the batter. All it takes it a minute or so on each side to get the perfect golden pancakes. To finish add 1 tsp more of Sweet Freedom syrup on top of the pancakes and enjoy. Count 2 syns for the syrup used. There is so much benefit to using the syrup instead of sweetner. It's a natural product and totally eliminates any artifical sweetner taste from your finished pancakes.

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Mint yogurt dip with Sweet Freedom Syrup

I've made my dip a little differently this time. Instead of using sweetner, I've opted for a natural sweetness from this Sweet Freedom Syrup. I simply mixed 1 teaspoon into my yogurt pot and added 2 tea spoons of mint concentrate. It's only 0.5 syns and is just as tasty as my usual mint yogurt without the artifical sweeter.

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Slimming World Mocha Frappuccino

Ingredients : 250ml Almond Milk (Healthy Extra A) 1 tsp Choc Shot 1 tsp of coffee (or more if you like it strong) V simple - add coffee and Choc Shot to chilled almond milk or Cows milk if you prefer. Mix well and enjoy! Count 0.5 syns for the Choc Shot.

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