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Slimming World Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Coconut Oat Cookies

I received the new Choc Shot flavour today... COCONUT! And oh my goodness it is amazing! It tastes like liquid Bounty bar. It's perfectly chocolatey and has just the right balance of sweetness with coconut. What's more it's only 0.5 syns per teaspoon, or 1.5 syns for 2 teaspoons. I couldn't wait to use it. I literally whipped up these healthy oat cookies in minutes. So easy to do and all you need are some basic store cupboard items and Choc Shot. Ingredients: 4 teaspoons of Choc Shot Coconut 35g porridge oats (Healthy Extra B) 1 egg Method: Whisk your egg until well beaten and add 4 teaspoons of choc shot. Stir well until all the Choc Shot is well mixed in and you have a dark chocolatey mixture. Stir the oats into the egg mixture to create your cookie batter. Place the oats mixture into 6 silicone cupcake cases (I find silocone cases are perfect for making cookies) and place in the oven for 12 minutes at 180°. I made 6 cookies which are 0.5 syns each if you use the oats as your Healthy Extra B. These are the perfect handy snack. If you made 12 smaller cookies you could nibble on them throughout...

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Slimming World Chocolate Orange Milkshake

Ingredients: 250ml Almond Milk 2 teaspoons of Choc Shot Orange (1.5 syns) I used a protein shake mixer that you can buy in most health food shops or supermarkets for a couple of pounds, alternatively you can stir well to mix your shake. Make sure your almond milk is well chilled. Add 2 tsp of choc shot orange, place the lid on firmly and shake!

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