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Treat Boxes

I love love love these Treat Boxes for a non food treat. Today I receive my April box from Not Shabby Very Chic. It's full of sunshine! Each item is a little nod to the summer months and it has filled me with joy happiness getting this lovely delivery today. Sometimes these little things can really make your day! I love it! You can sign up for May's box online at

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Littles Coffee

I recently got the chance to try out Littles Coffee. I love it!  It has no sugar, 4 cals a cup, natural flavours, no syns! It's all infused in the UK and they are a family run company. The natural flavours really make this coffee stand out for me, as some who is increasingly looking to keep my diet as natural as possible.  Here I have Chocolate Caramel, Café Amaretto, Rich Hazelnut, Chocolate Orange, Swiss Chocolate, and French Vanilla.  This coffee available in Waitrose, Holland & Barratt, and also on their website I love them! They are very lovely flavours and definitely perk up a morning coffee! A very lovely product for a lovely little company!

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No Chocolate Challenge

Today is day 8 of my #nochocolatechallenge. I started this challenge for a couple of reasons. I love chocolate. What's not to like? It's so yummy. It makes you feel good and it's all round one of the tastiest things ever! So... I stopped eating chocolate because I felt controlled by it. That's stupid, right? But it's true. I have issues with eating too much food. That's why I got overweight in the first place. One of the things that helped get me overweight was excessive eating of chocolate. I've always successfully controlled my intake throughout my whole Slimming World journey, but the problem is that once I eat it I want more, then I subsequently have to use my willpower to the max to stop myself eating more. Having willpower is great, but using it requires energy. Not of the physical kind, but of the mental kind. It's taxing when you are thinking about wanting bad things then putting yourself back in check. So I thought 'why give myself extra work?'. So I quit chocolate. Just like that! Packed up all my stash into a suitcase (yep that's how big my stash is) and put it upstairs. The last...

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Slimming World Chocolate Brownies

Ingredients : 6 eggs 60g Cocoa Powder (not hot chocolate) 1 tsp vanilla essence 70g granulated sweetner Method: Separate the egg whites from the yolks and set aside. Whisk the egg whites until you have soft peaks. In a separate bowl add the cocoa powder, sweetner, and vanilla to egg yolks and stir well. Add water to the mix if it is dry until you have a smooth mixture. Fold in the egg whites carefully until fully mixed. Pour into a silicone baking case and bake for 25 minutes at 180°. I used Bournville Cocoa Powder which is 12.5 syns for 60g / 249 calories (check the syns of your brand). All other ingredients are syn free. I cut my cake into 8 so that makes it a little over 1.5 syns per slice. You could cut smaller slices for less syns. Enjoy!

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1.5 Syn Slimming World Strawberry Cheesecake

For this one I used; 1 tub of Strawberry Arla Protein - 1 syn 17g of Grapenuts - half a B or 3 syns 1 tsp of Sweet Freedom Syrup - 0.5 syn Raspberries to top (or strawberries if you have them) Place your grapenuts in your serving dish. Put your serving dish on the scales and set to zero. Weigh out 4.6g of Sweet Freedom Syrup  (1 tsp). I find this the least messy way to get a tsp of syrup into the grapenuts without losing any in transfer from spoon to bowl. Mix the syrup with the Grapenuts. Mix your Arla protein to a smooth consistency and place on top of the grapenuts. Top with fruit. I think the strawberry Arla Protein is the best one to use for this. It has a nicer sweeter taste than the Raspberry and Blueberry, but of course you could use which ever one you prefer. It's important to leave your dessert to set for a couple of hours. The grapenuts will soften slightly / absorb the syrup and your Arla will set. Enjoy 😊

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Beanies Coffee Stash Box

I received my Beanies Coffee Stash Box today and I couldn't wait to show you all! As soon as I opened the box the smell was amazing. I want to try all the flavours right now! In the box I have; Cinder Toffee Nutty Hazelnut Irish Cream Amaretto Almond Very Vanilla Ginger Bread Chocolate Orange Double Chocolate Mint Chocolate They are all only 2 calories a cup, so totally syn free. You can order your own box direct from Beanies here and individual jars can be bought from Sainsburys Stores. They are also on Facebook and instagram @beaniescoffee. The Stash Box is such good value if you love your coffee like me and want to try all the flavours! Now off to sit down with a nice cup of something chocolatey....

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