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The Slimming Mama on Holiday

So as you may know I blogged my food choices through my 7 days all inclusive at Sandos San Blas, Tenerife. On my holiday I gained 4lbs. I am proud to say it loud. I gained 4lbs! The reason I'm proud is because I worked hard on holiday for that gain. That might sound strange to say, but it's true! I owned that gain and I minimised it by being sensible. I'm a glass half full girl - I could have gained A LOT more than 4lbs if I hadn't carried on with my sensible choices. I chose Speed and Protein foods at every meal time, I chose diet non alcoholic drinks with the occasional tipple, I had a dessert everyday from the selection available, and lastly I estimated my healthy extras from the wide variety of breads and cheeses. One thing totally out of my control was the way the food was cooked. Every vegetable was cooked in oil, however I didn't let that prevent me making the right choices. I couldn't control the cooking, but I still have choice power. I still ate as true to my usual habits as possible. I could have SO easily have let the mentality...

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Week 44 Weigh in Results (Week 12 at target)

I had a 1lb gain this week. I'm super happy with that, as it's as close to a maintain as I can get. Small fluctuations in weight are part of maintaining and are to be expected. Now I'm almost at my new target I feel much more accepting of minor fluctuations than I was at my old target. This just reaffirms that I'm right to be aiming for the reduced target. I have 4lbs to lose to get to my new target and my goal is to try to achieve it by 5th December (the Slimming World Christmas Party). I have currently lost 8 stone 10 lbs. 11lbs under my original target.

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Week 43 Weigh in Results (Week 11 at Target)

I lost 2lbs this week. 12 lbs below target! My total weight loss is 8 Stone 11 lbs - almost half my body weight! I find that very hard to digest, considering the most common thing I'm told is that there isn't any sign of me ever being that much larger. Most people now refer to me as tiny! Not words that I've heard often! I'm just a few lbs from where I think I want to set my new target, so as usual I'll see what the week brings. I'm not in weight loss mode or worrying about what I'll lose, if I lose I'm happy, but I'd equally be happy with whatever happens because enjoying life comes first; if I have an event or celebration then I'll flex my syns and go with it. That's what being at target is all about!

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Week 42 Weigh in Results (Week 10 at Target)

I lost 2.5 lbs this week. Taking me to 10 lbs below my original target, and my total loss to 8 stone 9lbs. I'm happy with my loss this week, because I've eaten loads. I've always felt satisfied. I've had a lovely Date Night meal  (3 courses) with my husband and I've used all my syns everyday. I'm definitely very close to setting my new target. I'm taking each week as it comes. I'm not focused on any particular weight loss per week, I'm just happy to keep eating the same way and if I lose, gain, or maintain it doesn't matter. It's so nice to feel relaxed about this part of my journey! I'm so content in my eating plan. Here's to another positive week ahead!

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Week 41 Weigh in Results (Week 9 at Target)

I had a tiny half a lb gain this week, putting me 7.5lbs below target. I had a few treats this week and allowed myself an off plan dessert, so it was nice to have balanced the treats well enough to get as close as possible to a maintain. I'm still thinking about my target reduction. I am very very close to making my choice, but I'm in no rush to set it in stone. One thing I am determined about is that going back up to my original target is not an option. I'm much happier at my current weight and feel so good about myself. This week I'm challenging myself to cut back on chocolate and to have other things for my syns.

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Week 37 Weigh in Results (Week 5 at Target)

I managed a small gain this week of 1.5lbs, taking me back up to 4lbs under target. It's not quite enough to stop me needing to pay next week though. I needed a 2.5lbs gain. I hated every minute of trying to gain - it's made me realise that gaining is not fun and not something I want to do intentionally. Even though I look the same, I feel fatter. It's all in the mind, of course. I think this week has taught me that perhaps being at a lower weight is a happier place for me. I'm going to see how I get on this week and then consider a target ammendment. I'm reluctant to set a new target right now until I find a comfortable place to be, because I don't want to put myself under pressure. It's confusing this maintaining malarkey!

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