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Week 36 Weigh in Results (Week 4 at Target)

I had yet another loss this week. 2lbs off. Taking me to Target minus 5.5lbs. I think the time has come to re assess my target and perhaps drop it. I have Woman of the Year this Sunday, so for now I'm focused on that and will make my choice on new target next week at group. I feel I'm so far below target now that to gain back what I need to would be too hard, or will involve over indulging, which I don't want to do. My total loss is now 8 stone 4.5 lbs.

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Week 35 Weigh in results (Week 3 at Target)

Well I had another small loss this week, just 1lb, but it's added up to 3.5lbs under target now. The target range for Slimming World is 3lbs above and 3lbs below target, so I've just gone out of the lower range. I need to gain back that half this week so I don't have to pay the following week, so I'm going to concentrate on making sure I get my extra Healthy Extras each day to boost my intake. I will get it right eventually, but for now I'm happy with where I am. It's not a bad problem to have.

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Week 34 / Week 2 at Target Weigh in Results

This week I had a small loss of 1.5lbs. I don't fully understand how, as I have eaten a fair amount this last week. This has taken me to Target minus 2.5lbs. I can't go below Target minus 3lbs, or I'd have to become a paying member again. I am going to have a go trying to maintain again this week. I'm not going to try to gain, as I feel that goes against what my journey is about. If I can maintain at this lower weight it will leave me room for any gains caused by occasions that I cannot avoid. For now I am feeling very happy with where I am and I'm totally enjoying being a target member.

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Week 33 / Week 1 at Target Weigh in results

My first weigh in as a target member and I maintained at Target minus 1lb. I'm chuffed. It was easier than I thought it would be and enjoyable not worrying about losing weight or hitting a target. I feel very content and happy that with Slimming World I can just continue to follow plan. This is such a great lifestyle.

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Week 32 Weigh in Results

Well today I hit Target! Ahhhhhhhhhh! 2.5 lbs loss taking me to Target minus 1lb! I also got my 8 stone award and was voted the groups Woman of the Year. I will be going to the District Finals on 13th September to represent my group. I am so overwhelmed and pleased to have been voted for! I had an amazing time at Group today and a few tears were shed during my speech. I'm prepared and excited to start the next stage of my journey. I've got all the tools and the knowledge from my Slim for Life book to help me along the way which will go hand in hand with the continued support and attendance at group. The group is an integral part of my weight loss journey and it will continue to be part of my journey going forward. I will sit down this evening with my book and read through. I'm so excited for this stage of the journey. This is what it's all about. Slim for Life.

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Week 31 Weigh in Results

I lost 3lbs this week. Taking me to 7 stone 11.5 lbs lost and just 1.5lbs to target. I'm going to aim to get my 1.5lbs off this week, so fingers crossed this time next week I'll be a target member.

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