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Woman of the Year District Finals

Well yesterday I attended the Woman of the Year District Finals. On arrival we were handed a little glass of bubbly. I had to go and be weighed and measured to check I was still in criteria. It was slightly worrying getting on the scales midway through the day, but I weighed at bang on target. We were separated into 2 groups and sat in the centre of the room. I had to do a speech about my journey in front of the judges and all my fellow finalists. I had decided that rather than scripting a speech, I'd bullet point what I wanted to discuss and speak from the heart about my journey. Lots of people did have written speeches, but those of us who didn't gave a much more natural and from the heart speech. I was in tears through my own and everyone else's stories. Some of these people have had some real tragedy in their lives, it made me realise that my journey has been fairly simple in comparison to what some have contended with along the way. It's a real inspiration to hear from people who have food optimised through the hardest times of their lives, when...

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